Everything you need to know to start building on Safe.
Safe makes it easy for anyone to make and use accounts on the blockchain. These docs explain how to do this.

How to Read this Guide

There are three main sections in this guide: Learn, Discover, and Build.
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    ​Learn about how Smart Accounts (aka Smart Contract Accounts) work.
  2. 2.
    ​Discover how others are building and using Smart Accounts
  3. 3.
    ​Build cool things with Smart Accounts.
We recommend starting with Learn and seeing some tutorials there to learn more about how Smart Accounts work. Then, head to the Discover section to get some ideas and inspiration for the types of things you can build with smart accounts. Finally, complete one of the Build tutorials to build something that uses Smart Accounts.

Getting Started

Safe has a lot of features which means a lot of information. To make it easier to navigate, here is a step-by-step guide you can follow:
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    1. 1.
      Make a Safe
    2. 2.
      Learn about Account Abstraction
  2. 3.
    ​Discover interesting projects that others have built using Smart Accounts
  3. 4.
    ​Build your own apps using smart accounts
You can also follow the Ecosystem Diagram.
​View Diagram​

Contact Us

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      Check out the 5afe Github page where we put more experimental, non-production-ready code
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