Supported networks

The full list of Safe contract deployments can be found in the Safe deployments repository on GitHub. For example, these are the network addresses for the deployments of contract version v.1.3.0.
To deploy the Safe contracts version 1.3.0 on another EVM-based chain, follow the instructions in the safe-contracts repository. Please note: The chain needs to be fully compatible, i.e. support all opcodes used by the Safe contracts.
In order to run the Safe Web interface (Code), you would need to also run the backend services, in particular the Safe client gateway and the Safe transaction service including a tracing node (see Service Architecture).
The Safe team does not have the capacity to spin up and maintain full frontend and backend support for all EVM-based networks. All Safe related source code is open source. We encourage everyone to deploy the canonical versions of the Safe contracts to their respective networks and run the required backend and frontend parts themselves.
To add another supported network to the safe-deployments repository follow the steps outlined in the safe-contracts repository.
Please contact us with any questions.