What is Safe?

Everything you need to know to start building on Safe.
Safe brings digital ownership of accounts to everyone by building universal and open contract standards for the custody of digital assets, data, and identity.
Safe is at the forefront of modular Smart Account infrastructure, paving the way for developers to create a diverse range of applications and wallets.
Our brand is separated into three categories and it is important to differentiate each of them:

Safe{Core} Protocol

The Safe{Core} Protocol is an open, modular framework to make smart accounts secure, portable, and composable.
This section in the documentation contains information and relevant links about the Safe{Core} Protocol, what it is and what are the different elements involved.

Safe{Core} AA SDK

The Safe{Core} AA SDK is a set of developer kits that allow integrating Safe with different external service providers to provide developers and users the ability to abstract the complexity that comes with operating a smart contract account.
This section in the documentation contains relevant information and tutorials on what SDK Kits there are and how to integrate them.

Safe{Core} API

The Safe{Core} API makes reference to all the Safe infrastructure needed to power interfaces with all Safe account related information. This includes the Safe Transaction Service, Safe Events Service, etc.
This section in the documentation contains information related with the services architecture.


The Reference section in this documentation contains technical details describing the different tools available at Safe in detail.