What is Safe?


At Safe (opens in a new tab), we pursue a future where everyone has complete control and flexibility over their digital assets. Our vision is to move from merely reading and writing in the digital realm to fully owning our digital identities, financial assets, digital art, and more.

Smart accounts

While externally-owned accounts (EOAs) have been the cornerstone of digital assets management thus far, they have a lot of limitations and fall short in onboarding mainstream users. Not only are seed phrases cumbersome to secure, but the lack of flexibility and the limited security of EOAs hinder our progress toward actual digital ownership.

Safe is at the forefront of modular smart account infrastructure, paving the way for developers to create various applications and wallets. Safe brings digital ownership of accounts to everyone by building universal and open contract standards for the custody of digital assets, data, and identity.

Our stack

Our goal is to establish smart accounts as the default, and our approach to making this a reality has developed across two primary areas of focus:

This documentation site is solely focused on Safe{Core}. Visit our Help Center (opens in a new tab) to learn more about Safe{Wallet}.

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