Safe{Core} (opens in a new tab) is an open-source and modular account abstraction stack. It's the essential tooling and infrastructure for integrating the Safe Smart Account into any digital platform, ensuring a tested core with flexible and secure capabilities for innovative applications.

Why build on Safe{Core}?

Safe secures an extensive amount of assets. It has been thoroughly audited and tested since 2018, and it has become the default wallet of choice for many, including DAOs, web3 native companies, and individuals like Vitalik Buterin, who trust Safe with their own assets. In addition, over 200 projects are currently building on top of Safe, and it's expected that this number will only continue to grow.

With Safe{Core}, we are putting a modular stack in the hands of developers to build the next generation of account abstraction wallets and solutions. We have partnered with the best in the business to improve UX capabilities and compatibility with existing ecosystem tools.

Our stack

The Safe{Core} stack is categorized into three distinct groups:

Getting started

Are you new to Safe and not sure where to get started? We recommend heading over to the section on ERC-4337.

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