Safe{Core} SDK

The Safe{Core} SDK aims to bring Account Abstraction to life by integrating Safe with different third parties. This SDK helps developers to abstract the complexity of setting up a smart contract account.

diagram safe core sdk

The Safe{Core} SDK groups its functionality into five different kits:

Protocol Kit

The Protocol Kit helps interact with Safe Smart Accounts. It enables the creation of new Safe accounts, updating their configuration, and signing and executing transactions, among other features.

  • Modular and customizable smart contract accounts
  • Battle-tested security
  • Transaction batching


The API Kit helps interact with the Safe Transaction Service API. It helps share transactions among the signers and get information from a Safe account. For example, the configuration or transaction history.

Relay Kit

The Relay Kit enables ERC-4337 with Safe and allows users to pay for the transaction fees from their Safe account using the blockchain native token, ERC-20 tokens, or get their transactions sponsored.

  • Use ERC-4337 with Safe
  • Gas-less experiences using Gelato
  • Sponsored transaction
  • Pay fees in ERC-20 tokens

Auth Kit

The Auth Kit creates externally owned accounts and authenticates them using an email address, a social media account, or a crypto wallet account.

  • Easy onboarding using SafeAuth
  • Social and wallet logins
  • Get users started without a wallet

Onramp Kit

The Onramp Kit helps users buy cryptocurrencies with fiat money to fund a Safe account via a credit card or other payment method.

  • Seamless fiat on-ramping
  • Pay using a credit card


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