Commands specific to the tx-service mode

Commands specific to the tx-service mode

Here's a reference for commands specific to the tx-service mode.

Return balance

Returns a list of balances for ERC-20 tokens and ether.



Return transaction history

Returns history of multi-signature transactions (including pending).


Execute pending transaction

Execute a pending transaction with enough signatures.

execute-tx <safe-tx-hash>

Sign transaction

Sign a transaction with the loaded owners for the provided Safe transaction hash.

sign-tx <safe-tx-hash>

Sign message

Sign the string message provided by the standard input or the EIP-712 provided by the file.

sign_message [--eip191_message <str>] [--eip712_path <file-path>]

Batch transactions

Batch transactions into one multi-signature transaction using the provided safe-nonce. Any safe-tx can be used, like transactions from other Safe accounts, already executed transactions, pending execution, etc. The only limitation is that the transactions from other networks cannot be used. The batching order will follow the same order of the safe-tx-hashes provided.

batch-txs <safe-nonce> <safe-tx-hash> [ <safe-tx-hash> ... ]

Remove proposed transaction

Removes a proposed non-executed transaction with the owner's signature that proposed the transaction.

remove_proposed_transaction <safe_tx_hsh>


Return delegates

Returns a list of delegates for the Safe. A delegate can be used when you trust an address to post transactions to the tx-service on your behalf. If a transaction is not trusted (posted to the service and not signed by a delegate or an owner of the Safe), it will be stored in the service but not shown in Safe {Wallet}.


Add delegate

Adds a new delegate address for the owner of the Safe.

add_delegate <address> <label> <owner-address>

Remove delegate

Removes a delegate address from the Safe.

remove_delegate <address> <owner-address>


Only use the following operation if you are sure about what you are doing, as they can result in all your funds getting lost.

Drain account

Sends all ether and ERC-20 funds to the provided account.

drain <address>

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