Safe and ERC-7579

Safe and ERC-7579

The Safe7579 Adapter is a smart contract developed by Rhinestone and Safe to make Safe Smart Accounts compliant with ERC-7579. Through this, 14 audited modules (opens in a new tab) developed by Rhinestone will be available for builders building with the Safe7579 Adapter, such as a dead man switch, flash-loan, social recovery, etc.

Additionally, the Rhinestone registry provides per-transaction security checks on modules, so modules with security compromises are automatically disabled for your account.


Safe7579 Adapter

As ERC-7579 is a superset of ERC-4337, the Safe7579 Adapter ensures full compliance with ERC-4337. The Safe7579 Adapter is both a Safe Module and a Fallback Handler.

  • Safe Module: It extends the functionality of a Safe account, allowing it to utilize ERC-7579 modules.
  • Fallback Handler: It is a fallback handler because certain functions, such as validateUserOp in ERC-7579, are not natively supported by Safe.

Additionally, a launchpad contract facilitates the setup of new Safes with Safe7579 Adapter.

Creation of new Safes compatible with ERC-7579

The launchpad contract works around the 4337 limitations, which allows the deployment of exactly one contract whose address matches the sender of the user operation.

The creation of new Safes occurs in the following three high-level steps.

Creation by Factory

  • Bundler informs Entrypoint to handleUserOps.
  • Entrypoint calls SenderCreator to call SafeProxyFactory.
  • SenderCreator requests safeProxy creation from SafeProxyFactory using createProxyWithNonce.
  • SafeProxyFactory creates a new SafeProxy using create2.
  • SafeProxy is created with a singleton address set to Launchpad .
  • initHash is stored in the SafeProxy storage.

Validation Phase

  • Entrypoint validates user operations in SafeProxy via validateUserOp.
  • SafeProxy delegates validation to Launchpad.
  • Launchpad ensures the presence of initHash from phase one and calls Safe7579.launchpadValidators.
  • ValidatorModule gets installed by Launchpad.
  • ValidatorModule validates user operations and returns packedValidationData.
  • Launchpad returns packedValidationData to SafeProxySafeProxy returns to Entrypoint.

Execution Phase

  • Entrypoint triggers launchpad.setupSafe() in SafeProxy.
  • SafeProxy delegates the setup to Launchpad.
  • LaunchPad upgrades SafeStorage.singleton to SafeSingleton.
  • LaunchPad calls SafeProxy.setup() to initialize SafeSingleton.
  • Setup function in SafeProxy.setup() delegatecalls to lauchpad.initSafe7579.
  • initSafe7579() initializes Safe7579 with executors, fallbacks, hooks, IERC7484 registry.

The following detailed sequence outlines the creation, validation, and execution phases in the system's operation.

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